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Our lives do not need to be seen as riddled with mystery and esoteric concepts. Rather, life should be experienced simply as it flows naturally towards resolution. It is we, as participants, who create disruption through our expectations and through pre-conceived notions of what life should be. In so doing, we often miss the most satisfying moments of our lives. The Gentle Ravings of an Egomaniacal Master provides the initial steps towards developing the awareness to recognize opportunities for growth in our lives, as well as the strength and wisdom to act upon that recognition.

The Gentle Ravings of an Egomaniacal Master

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Part Three of Self Defense for Women presents new escapes including chokes.

Short Intro to Self Defense for Women recorded at ChiDoKai Dojo AZ in 2006. 

Join Sute Inu, the Mobile Monk, as he travels through many adventures towards true understanding. From the author of The Gentle Ravings of an Egomaniacal Master comes this unique approach to zen philosophy for children and adults. M.L. Cerpok combines several wonderfully illustrated stories for children with an insightful dialogue for the adult reader. The result is an introduction to concepts guaranteed to spark a conversation between parents and children in regard to the many lessons that living life has to offer.

Ego and Expectations Lecture from 2007. Part One: Master Cow Dung 

An Explanation of

"living in the moment"

The Mobile Monk; A Zen Tale

$12.95 + S&H


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Martial Arts

Part Two of Self Defense for Women

presents concept of "prying escapes".